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Captain Solar specialises in custom solar power system design, manufacturing, and installation for homes as well as businesses. We genuinely enjoy assisting homeowners and business owners in entirely optimizing their energy usage in order to maximize energy savings and enjoy lifetime savings as one of Cape Town’s leading solar companies. Our solar installers will assist you in finding the best solar solutions for your needs, enabling you to maximize your investment. Stop searching for “Backup power for home Bellville” and contact us today.

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Trust Our Experts

At Captain Solar we are passionate about bringing the benefits of solar to your home, family and business for years to come. We’ll be here for you every step of the way.

solar installer western cape

We've Got You Covered

Our dedicated team stands behind the products we sell and our work. We back up this conviction with strong warranties that help protect our customers.

solar installer western cape

Save On Your Budget

Solar savings are a big reason why homeowners love buying solar panels for their home. It’s clear that home solar panels are a good long-term investment when it comes to saving money.

solar installer western cape

Dependable Backup Power

Knowing that your home is protected from outages helps you rest easy, no matter what life hands you. Think of it as insurance for your home’s energy.

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You can trust out team of experts in Backup power for home Bellville to give you the best advice to make the most of your solar installation.

Backup power for home Bellville
Backup power for home Bellville

The climate in South Africa is ideal for efficient solar. Every year, most of South Africa receives an abundance of sunshine. In some areas, we receive more than 2,500 hours of sunlight per year.

This is one of the highest in the world. We are perfectly positioned on the Equator and in an ideal location for solar installation success. Solar panels produce more energy when exposed to more light. On cloudy days, solar can also be used.

Solar energy can assist you in lowering your environmental impact. This environmentally friendly energy will keep your lights on while also saving you money. To learn everything there is to know about solar energy, contact our team of experts.

Are you prepared to be energy self-sufficient? Are you concerned about the environment? We can assist you in keeping the lights on and power your world with our cutting-edge solutions. Solar is the most cost-effective choice for clean energy. Stop searching for “Backup power for home Bellville” and contact us today.

Backup power for home Bellville

We Love Our Clients

The team at Captain Solar really went out of their way to alleviate any fears I had. They installed the solar panels on time and followed up afterwards to make sure everything was continuing to function properly. I refer all my friends and family to them. Really great service.

Jonathan K


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Local Knowledge. Nationally Recognized.

Captain Solar is not your average solar installer. Because of our many years of experience installing solar panels in Cape Town, we understand the permitting and utility interconnection processes for each town, as well as the complexities that come with them.

Dedicated to Excellence

We strive for excellence in all we do, from courteous and helpful customer service to high-quality solar panel installations and quality control services. We want to ensure that your expectations are satisfied and that you have a great overall experience with Captain Solar. Each member of our staff shares the ideals that differentiate our solar enterprise.

As one of the best solar installers Western Cape, we want you to be absolutely sure that you have teamed with the finest of the best, from our everlasting dedication to honesty and integrity to our reliability, timeliness, cleanliness, and transparency.

Backup power for home Bellville
Backup power for home Bellville

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most reputable solar company in South Africa?

Captain Solar is a South African leader in alternative green energy. We are experts in solar systems and solutions for homes and businesses.

In addition to our technological skills, we have a vision and aspirations that transcend beyond profit. Our long-term goal is to transition South Africa to energy systems that provide clean, free electricity and are simple to maintain.

How much does it cost to install a solar system in South Africa?

The cost of a solar solution is fully determined by the size of the project or the type of system desired. There are four types to consider:

  • Backup for load shedding: This is often an inverter and a battery backup that is charged by the grid when electricity is available. There are no solar panels involved.
  • Grid-connected solar: A grid-connected inverter combined with solar panels. You remain connected to the grid while supplementing your energy demands when the sun shines.
  • A hybrid system combines a grid-connected inverter with solar panels and battery storage. Depending on the available power sources, the batteries are charged by solar or the grid.
  • A solar system with battery storage is an off-grid setup. The energy produced by your solar system is stored in a huge battery.

Our experts in Backup power for home Bellville will be on hand to help you to choose the right installation for you.


How do I find a good solar installer?

When you’ve decided to make a large investment in your house, such as renewable energy, you’ll want to be sure you are using the experts in Backup power for home Bellville. With solar quickly becoming a more affordable technology, the market has become swamped with organizations claiming to be the finest solar installers in the area. So how do you tell the difference between the cowboys and the excellent installers? Here are some pointers to consider.


  1.  Solar installers should be accredited
  2. Good companies don’t need to use high pressure sales tactics
  3. Get at least three quotations
  4. Research the companies and ask for references
  5. Ask your neighbours
  6. Know what you want
Questions to Ask Before Going Solar

Getting solar should never be done on the spur of the moment. In fact, adopting solar will be one of the largest investments most people will make in their lives, after a home and a car. Homeowners considering going solar should take the time and effort to understand if solar is a good investment for their own circumstances.

Speak to our experts in Backup power for home Bellville who will assist you with any questions you have. We will make sure solar is right for you.

What are the advantages of solar power in South Africa?

The availability of energy in our country.

Solar energy is a source of energy security. It is reliable and gives you peace of mind. Power outages are unavoidable. Alternative solutions must be found. Solar is a dependable source of energy because it provides energy security. You will not be subjected to brownouts and blackouts like your neighbors who are connected to the main power grid.

Boost the value of your home

Solar adds value to your home, and millions of people are reaping the benefits. According to recent research, installing solar increases property values. Even if you plan to relocate soon, your solar panel investment will be repaid in full when you sell your home. Solar energy is a wise financial investment.


Load shedding increases the desire for suburban property owners to purchase a generator. When there is a power outage, however, solar energy eliminates the need to buy noisy and polluting generators. Solar power, on the other hand, is silent and produces clean, renewable energy.

Speak to any of our experts in Backup power for home Bellville and they will be able to provide you with more advantages for installing solar. 


What are the disadvantages of solar power in South Africa?

Below are just a few things we will discuss with you before beginning your project.

A solar system might be expensive to purchase at first. This covers the purchase of solar panels, an inverter, batteries, wiring, and installation. Yet, because solar technology are always evolving, it is reasonable to expect that prices will continue to fall in the future.

Solar energy storage can be costly
Solar energy must be used immediately or stored in big batteries. These batteries, which are utilized in off-grid solar systems, may be charged during the day and used at night. This is an excellent method for utilising solar energy throughout the day, but it is also extremely costly.

Even on overcast or rainy days, solar energy may still be gathered, but the effectiveness of the solar system decreases. Solar panels rely on sunshine to successfully collect solar energy. As a result, a few overcast, rainy days can have a significant impact on the energy system. You should also keep in mind that solar energy cannot be gathered at night.

Stop searching for “Backup power for home Bellville” and call us to day to install your solar power.



Backup power for home Bellville

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Local Knowledge. Nationally Recognized. Captain Solar is not your average solar installer. Because...

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The availability of energy in our country. Solar energy is a source of energy security. It is...